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telling them

I don't want to rehash yet another sales training program -- I want to address the things that have not been addressed already. But I also want to tailor it to what real sales people are experiencing in the field

  • you work hard but don't always get the result
  • there are new insights coming out of brain reserach that impact your abilioty to close - these are not always intuitive
  • there are 3 areas that will be focused on
    • you
    • the process
    • the prospect
  • no-one else will ever receive this 50%
  • product will launch at 20% off to get sales going
  • then to full price
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The reason we are asking for your personal details is so that we can send you the private link for the 50% OFF offer once the product launches. Of course, that will be for you to peruse at your leisure, there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything, but at least you have the option of this offer if you choose it.

Thanks again for helping me out here, I appreciate it.

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What do you think are the reasons that stop sales people from making a sale successfully? What blocks them? Specific fears, insecurities, etc.
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What do you think stops people from buying? What are the top reasons you, or sales people you know, have experienced