PR, Entertainment Industry - Testimonial 1

“It took me years to admit that I needed to see someone. Even longer to actually do it. It seemed as if talking to someone would be admitting I wasn’t strong enough somehow. I don’t have depression. I don’t have a mental illness. On the whole I’m a bright, bubbly person. But I had created a false persona around myself that had caused to me to hate the person I had become. And that was a cause of great unhappiness in every aspect of my life - from work, to love and family.


Hercules’ gift is to see through all the layers I had created. And give me the tools to help myself to discover who I actually am, rather than tell me who I should be, to help me to understand why I had subconsciously created my life around me.


There is a certain amount of pain involved in coming to these realisations of life-long patterns, but also a huge sense of relief and release of finding truth and beauty hidden somewhere in there. Hercules can see that truth in you even if you can’t. To then help you to be able to see that truth in yourself is a very rare gift indeed.”

Academic, Musician - Testimonial 2

“Regarding Hercules Kollias, the first thing that comes to mind is a quote from U.S. auteur David Lynch. Lynch said something like, “If you can describe a film to your friends, why make it?” Hercules is similarly difficult to describe. If I could explain to you exactly what he does, you probably wouldn’t need to see him. Me neither.


But I can tell you these things: he listens to you speak and then he says something. What he says usually strikes me as being exceptionally perceptive. He is, without a doubt, the most perceptive person I have ever come across. Yet it is not for this trait alone that I recommend him to you. For instance, he has many other fine traits; he’s empathetic, friendly and funny, he even looks suave in a hat, something I’ve never achieved, no matter the hat or the occasion.


No, I recommend him to you first and foremost because he leads by example. He is a prime example of what he teaches. Coming to grips with the problems life presents to each and all of us, is no easily achieved feat. When I took action, I found I needed a good helper and a source of inspiration. Hercules Kollias is such a person.”

Writer -  Testimonial 3

“When I was in my early twenties, life took a strange turn. From the outside, I seemed fine to most of my friends and family. But inside, I was an absolute mess.


Most people would assume that the one person you can always understand is yourself. However, I had managed to reach a point where I had totally lost touch with myself and life was heading in the wrong direction - fast.


When Hercules came into my life, I was close to giving up. But after our first session I already felt a change in my situation. Hercules has a gift of seeing the ‘real’ you, even when it is clouded by things such as anxiety. I trusted him immediately and when I began seeing results after only two or three sessions together, I could barely believe it. Although it was Hercules guiding me through the process, he always made me feel as though it was me who was achieving the change. He helps you find the strength and positive qualities that have always been there. Two years on, I have to pinch myself to believe that so much change has occurred. As a writer, I need the clarity and strength to communicate my thoughts confidently. I’ve enjoyed seeing the improvements not just in my life but in my writing. I feel as though Hercules has given me the tools to independently go through life achieving my goals and truly being myself.”

Pianist, Composer, Teacher -  Testimonial 4

“I met Hercules in a tumultuous time of self-imposed darkness and despair. Not only did Hercules sense my inner turmoil, but he proceeded to give me a detailed account of my journey to that point. He did all of this without any prior background knowledge of my circumstances. This on it’s own would be remarkable, but Hercules’ gift goes well beyond this point. Hercules has the ability to see into a person’s heart and soul. Upon sharing his insight with a person, he then shows them a clear path to their healing and development.


Hercules sheds light on our past, our current situation, and on the possible journey to recovery and fulfilment. I say ‘possible’ because I have learnt that ultimately, once we have been given the light, it is our choice whether we follow it.”