A Practical Guide To Creating A LIfe Of Significance


You work harder, work smarter, think positive, make goals, develop strategy, visualise success and improve productivity. You do everything you are supposed to do and yet, somehow, it's not enough. It doesn't feel right. Something is missing.

You're not living your authentic life.

When you are living authentically every thought and action is aligned with your deeper purpose, and with this comes lasting peace and joy. When you live authentically you feel the warm inner glow of knowing, "I'm doing what I was meant to do." When you live authentically you tap into your own limitless potential and realise you can overcome any obstacles on your path to success.

This is not just another personal development book.  This book goes an inch wide and a mile deep.  It will make you stop and reconsider the decisions and choices you've made to this point.






BOOK REVIEW For The Catholic Leader
By Terry Oberg December 14 2011
Title: The 7 Secret Steps to Authentic Success
Author: Dr Hercules Kollias
The author is a Brisbane doctor. Self improvement books are a common part of most book stores’ displays. This is now a popular genre that ranges from the bland to the, literally, fantastic. A quick look at the various authors suggests that a significant number have little qualifications to be sprouting about something that is so vital. Hercules, that is his real name, provokes no such doubt. His academic record makes him eminently suitable to cover this topic. More importantly, he has a deep understanding of humanity’s role in creation. On this solid basis he builds his seven steps to success. All are commensurate with the Christian view of life’s purpose, even though religion is not an overt motivation or cause in any of these pages.
The structure is dominated by the introductory story, THE SHOE FACTORY. This must be read carefully so that the rest of the medicine, to use the author’s evocative metaphor, can work. This section, after the opening narrative, is “a guided reflection about life....” This is where the work’s theme is developed and this revolves around the beautiful concept of “authenticity.” His aim for himself and his readers is to live an authentic life. An important point here is his definition of this adjective. His clarity of explanation is proof that he knows exactly what he wants as a human being. The rest of this section is a crystal clear elucidation of the authentic life. Section C introduces the idea of a journal with some practical exercises to deepen self understanding.
By book’s end his ideas are no longer secret so that epithet in the title may no longer be appropriate. There is also reference to his very interesting website. A personal joy in browsing this was to discover Hercules Kollias the entertainer. Obviously the Great American Songbook is his playground. Here he croons Sinatra ballads with originality, perhaps authenticity, often lacking when mere mortals try to be ol Blue Eyes. Here is a doctor who could give up his day job and sing for his supper; a valuable book about life and, via the computer, a bonus tour of Tin Pan Alley to boot. Highly recommended.
2015-01-23  Verified Purchase
An excellent and inspiring book. I couldn't stop reading the first chapter once I started I had become so immersed in it's story. I would definitely recommend this to anyone going through hard times or just want to open their mind to what life is truly about. You will learn what success really is and not what the social perception is. Highly recommended.